Review and Reader Comments
Enema Memoies
Collected and Edited by Sally Miller

Synergy Press 1997

Reviewed in EIDOS  

Longtime sex therapist Sally Miller has collected and edited a rare volume of twelve intensely explicit short stories that vividly depict the eroticism of “enema culture.” Scenarios include enema givers and receivers, plus enema equipment, speech, smells and sounds together with “elements of incest, child abuse, punishment, power, control, a woman’s lust for a (much) younger man, medical aspects of the enema, and the arousal of male story tellers.”

Here’s the recipe for an enema given to a man as a birthday present by two women in a van while driving along an Interstate highway. If you were passing in a bus, you could have seen them!

2 quarts of milk
1 tablespoon molasses powder
1 teaspoon salt
3 ounces isopropyl alcohol (or vinegar)
1 tablespoon vegetable oil

In a piece entitled “Charlene” by T.Q. Tom described his enema: “as the hot, soapy water ran back through my rectum and the heated lumps of waste passed through, my erection returned, this time without benefit of towel… I sat there on the toilet with a full erection feeling not the least inhibited…”

Unique. Most Highly Recommended.

Review by Gregor Samsa

No matter what erotic collection Sally Miller puts together, her introduction is a treat to read and full of insights. It is not likely to be conventional in its wisdom because she has many theories of her own. In this one, for instance, she suggests enemas were “probably originally based on need because of a diet too low in natural foods and too high in meat protein and fat, too high in dairy products and too high in processed foods and undesirable carbohydrates.”

What, pray, are “natural foods” and why are “meat protein and fat” not natural foods? As a descendant of Primitive Man the Hunter I keep asking such questions. And I keep reading Ms. Miller avidly to provide me with more erotic fantasies such as Enema Memories.

The long story “Ronni” is an intense erotic experience for the three participants and the reader. The seduction of the husband by the stepdaughter is a brillian tour de force of the genre.

“Grandma” has the grandmother turning everybody on and leading them to great satisfaction.

“The Student Nurse” is a rather sobering and sad story about enemas and death —indeed, enemas play an important role in the closing hours of many cancer patients.

But the most exciting story for me is called “Larry” and deals with a 13-year-old boy and his school principal aunt, Gertrude Webber. The mixture of enemas, spanking, and masturbation is highly erotic, and the story is introduced by a brilliant and arousing drawing of a school teacher at work with one of her students. (All the illustrations are intriguing.) Theoretically the sexual involvement is confined to the nephew and aunt, but one of the brilliant bits of structure is having Tom, who is the narrator, deeply involved as a spectator throughout. This is far more than sneaky observation from the clothes closet, and Tom is as important to the action as his friend Larry, the boy being punished.

The stories often involve family relationship – with grandmothers, mothers, aunts, and impressionable boys. Here landladies become surrogate moms – as they often are in real life. I defy any male reader to escape from memories of his own youth in a college rooming house, or a visit to a domineering aunt’s home, or a special session with a grandmother charged with teaching a boy the meaning of discipline.

It seems to me that Sally Miller knows a lot about the allure of enemas which she brings in with such details. Old or young, experienced or innocent, the characters in the stories that Sally has chosen for this book are intensely aroused by the enema experience.

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